Pepper that changes lives


Eleblu Company Ltd, is an environmental, natural resources and Agribusiness firm, with recognized expertise in production and processing of peppers and tree seedlings for the past 6 years. We understand the quality requirements and are consistently able to produce and aggregate to meet market standards.

In order to meet our growing demand, we have partnered with 600 registered smallholder farmers, who will be farming and supplying us under our outgrower scheme. We plan to equip them with farming inputs, .i.e. Training, ploughing services, fertilizers, seeds, agrochemicals etc. In the next 2 to 3 years our goal is to partner with over 3,000 outgrower farmers with the significant impact of creating a sustainable income stream for them, providing them with skilled training and help improve their output quality.


400 mt/year of Fresh produce for the local market

100,000 Tree Seedlings granted to outgrower farmers for living fencing. Protecting them against harvest damages by cattle or bushfires

600 Outgrower farmers 85% of which are women

214 farmers leaving previous activity of cutting down trees to produce wood charcoal to start farming chili pepper sustainably. A total of 500 farmers have been trained in chili pepper farming to date.

Hygienically dried

Community Tree planting sensitization activities

Able to Meet Client specifications and standards

Fully irrigated nucleus farm ensuring year round production

Women collecting Tree Seedlings as part of our agroforestry Initiative with farmers Chili harvesting Dehydrator for Drying of peppersCarousel imageCarousel imageTree seedling nursery Carousel imagedried peppers packaged and ready to be sent to client Carousel imageirrigating our pepper fields Explaining our SOPs to guests


Kekeli Oteng

Kekeli Oteng holds a Bsc in biological science and An MBA from Accra Business school. She is currently pursuing an LLB from GIMPA Law School. Ms Oteng Handles our Business Development and Research department.

Kojo Mensah Adom

Kojo Mensah Adom is A Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Eleblu , He has been farming vegetables, chilies specifically since 2015. He has directly been responsible for the cultivation and aggregation of over 400 tonnes of chilis over the years . He is also a board member.

Dr. Pearl Esenam Dumenu-Attippoe

Pearl holds a Doctor of Business Administration from the SMC University in Switzerland and is the board chairwoman . Pearl Is an experienced Project Management professional with experience in a Myriad of industries , From Energy to Agriculture .

Francis Kwame Eleblu

Mr Eleblu is a Co-founder of eleblu company . He holds a Msc In finance from university of Leicester and has over 20 years of experience in the Agribusiness Value chain . Mr Eleblu is a Member of the Board

Selase Anthony Sabah

Selase Anthony Sabah holds a BSc in Agriculture and an MBA . Mr. Sabah is the Head of Finance in Eleblu Company Limited. Mr Sabah has worked in the agribusiness finance sphere for the past 15years and handled agriculture investment portfolios exceeding over 10 million united states dollars.

Albert Addy

Mr Addy holds a BA in Political science and sociology . Albert is the General Manager